Aline Doornhof is a Dutch surface pattern designer and illustrator. A small historical town in the centre of the Netherlands is her home where she lives with husband, children and dog. As a child not a birthday went by without a gift of a sketchbook and markers. 
Her artwork is mainly influenced by the natural world but she also likes to add elements from her many interests such art, history, people, travel and animals. She draws huge inspiration from her own garden and lengthy walks with her dog or visiting a new place. Her eyes are always drawn to small details and interesting textures. Aline loves camping by the sea, visiting a museum or studying a new subject. To her the world is magical place which drives her work creating designs that celebrate the world we live in.
Her business is called AlineintheClouds (reading Aline or 'a line' in the clouds). To be in the clouds in Dutch means either being on cloud 9, which is what creating is to her, or 'dreaming, thinking' which is also very apt.

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